SELFMADE Clothing specialises in unique reworked vintage garments and concept clothing made by hand.

SELFMADE is an Irish-based brand brought to you by designer and creator, Tobi Balogun, and, stylist and creative director, Sinéad Kelly. We aim to combine fine art, painting and graphics with our staple fashion pieces to bring forth an aesthetic that is defiantly individual and special. 

Each and every piece we make is made with you, the wearer, in mind. Paying special attention to detail, remodelling and redesigning by hand, each creation is guaranteed to be unique and individual, just like you! 

We believe in YOU being the best you can be, no matter what!

It doesn't matter how you express it, there is nothing more honest than embracing your true self and owning it!

Our mission is to inspire, to feel proud and amazing about ourselves and the incredible lives we lead - there is no dream to big! 

One-of-a-kind, unique to you.

Embrace your SELF.


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