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Hi, I'm Sally-Anne



You Gotta Do This For You.

This Is For You. 

This Isn't About Anybody.

Live For You.

Honour You.

Never Lose Sight Of That.



What's up, I'm Sean (@why_axis)

I'm from Dublin. 

I make music...

It's weird music but that doesn't bother me. 

Music is all I have and want, so if you're as odd as me, you'll enjoy this! 



Meet Colleen (@cocoelso) 

For me, embracing my 'self' is all to do with Acceptance & Selflove. There can't be good days without bad ones and we can't know what happiness is witout ever feeling sad. It's a balance. So I think when you accept that, like really accept it you lose all these expectations we have of ourselves like 'How' we should feel and 'How' we should think. Feel whatever you feel & think whatever you think. We are human. Strive for growth always. Embrace and love ALL parts of Self. Good Bad & Everything in between.


Hey, my name is Chris (renzelle_thekid)

I'm a model and creative from Dublin. 

I'm someone who sees the world a little differently, a perplexed individual who doesn't wanna fit into any box...

To be honest , I'm just a kid who is bound by the Realism of reality, lost in his Thoughts but hungry for Knowledge...-RTK-


I'm Siobhan (@siobhan_mcclean)...

...but most people call me Shiv. I’m really passionate about music and fashion and love being able to express myself through those mediums. I started DJing recently and I have landed a residency in one of Dublin's hottest clubs, not to mention my upcoming appearance at Electric Picnic! I’m currently working on an EP which I hope to release soon. I love dancing, going out and being around similarly positive minded people. I think that’s me 🙌🏽


My name is Killa Yan (@killayanmusic)


I’m a Musician/Artist from Dublin.
Making music is what gives me the power to embrace myself and my creativity, from how I dress to video directing. It’s what inspired my cooking show on YouTube (Kooking With Killa) and my clothing brand ALLIK. I see it as a gift that I use as my super power in my crazy life.